Oct 2016

SMS Marketing!


If you live in today’s world and have a mobile phone, you have without a doubt received an SMS from a company or institution offering you some kind of deal or informing you of an upcoming event.

It could be a ‘Buy one get one free’ offer from a restaurant, or an SMS informing you that Wiz Kid and Chris Brown are performing in Mombasa. Either way, these messages are unsolicited, and to most of us, they can actually get quite annoying.

How effective are these messages?

For starters, regardless of who you are, you will check any message that you receive on your phone almost immediately. SMS’ have an open rate of 99%. Granted, you won’t be amused when you see that a certain bar is having a ladies night and they insist on letting you know three times in a day, but you will be made aware nonetheless.

However, this mode of marketing if used wisely and targeted, can prove VERY effective. Think of the possibilities in this way:

What if you could send a message to a subset of your customers who spent over Ksh 20,000 with you last month and offer them a 25% discount on their next purchase?

What if you could send a message to anyone who has purchased from you more than 10 times in the last 3 months, and appreciate them with a freebie because obviously, this is a recurring customer?

What if you run a salon or a car garage and you could SMS your regulars to let them know of the available time slots on Saturday?

What if you could do so with a couple of clicks and even schedule the messages at your convenience?

At Kopo Kopo, we enable you as a merchant to easily use SMS marketing to drive your business.

Don’t just accept payments, make them happen!

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