Build and grow a
profitable merchant network

Form an alliance with Kopo Kopo to increase revenue from existing merchants and reach new segments.


Introducing Business OS

Our Business Operating System (OS) software is the culmination of five years of acquiring & managing the largest independent merchant network in the mobile money industry. We built Business OS for ourselves, now we’re opening it to the world.

Enable a merchant ecosystem

Offer a suite of value-added services to stimulate activity and drive revenue.


Merchant cash advances
Score, disburse, and collect repayments – automatically


Access via a feature phone, smartphone, or computer


Targeted SMS marketing
Segment messages to suit customer preferences


Business intelligence
Understand purchase trends and customer loyalty


Outgoing payments
Make payments via bank transfer or mobile money


Developer tools
Enable 3rd parties integrations via web service APIs


Research and White Papers

Setting up Shop: Strategies for Building Effective Merchant Payment Networks


“Above all, merchants should be given a complete experience.”

  • Merchant payments is a BIG opportunity
  • To win, players have to either invest significant resources or partner with specialists
  • Real success requires providers to create and manage an entire ecosystem
  • Every market is unique and requires its own unique strategy

Digital Retail Payments in Kenya: Making them Matter for Merchants


“Kopo Kopo’s efforts to focus on merchant needs and allow the payments to follow is an exciting new approach that may just change the tide in the markets where they work.”

GSMA Case Study: Kopo Kopo


“[Kopo Kopo’s] value proposition to mobile money providers centers on extending the ‘e-money loop,’ which is the activity mobile money users conduct between putting cash into the e-wallet and taking cash out of it.

Building Vibrant Merchant Networks: Insights from the Frontlines

Bulding Merchant networks

“We manage the largest independent merchant network in the mobile money industry. Here are some of the key lessons we’ve learned along the way”

“The number of transactions [Kopo Kopo] merchants make per month is around two to three times what traditional card payment acquirers expect.”


Adam Wills
GSMA Mobile for Development Impact

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